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Beer Brewing at Home
Saturday, August 5th: 11:00AM - 1:00 PM

Interested in doing this yourself?

Greg Menafo of the Fitchburg Order of Ale-Makers will share a brief history of beer brewing, the styles of brewing, and the craft of brewing in your own home. He will let you know where you can find the needed ingredients and equipment as well.

No registration required.


Living with New England Wildlife: Co-Existing and Avoiding Conflict
August 12th: 11AM-1PM

Did you know that raccoons are excellent swimmers?
Did you know that red foxes can jump over 6.5 ft in height?
Did you know that fishers aren't really cats and they don't catch fish?

New England has many fascinating mammals and every animal has an important role to play in our environment. Unfortunately, human-wildlife conflict is on the rise. Most of these conflicts can be avoided by taking the right precautions. Join us for a unique, interactive exhibit to learn more about the animals that might be living in your backyard, their importance in our ecosystem, and what you can do to avoid conflict. This exhibit features museum quality replicas and real furs from New Hampshire Fish and Game. Presented by Meghan Kohli, a wildlife advocate and educator, and a life-long naturalist.

Mighty Aphrodite - Chocolate & Romance
Wednesday, August 16th: 7:00-8:15PM

Kim Larkin presents a program which celebrates famous lovers of past history, pairing dark chocolate with fun aphrodisiacs, a trivia quiz, and poetry. Food tasting included. The program includes tasting of chocolate, as well as other food and beverages. Both men and women are encouraged to join in. Kim presented a popular program last summer on Aromatherapy, and libraries across the state have been raving about Mighty Aphrodite. Don't miss it!



Featured Venues for July

The Mount (1902) is the home of noted American author Edith Wharton who designed the house and its grounds.  The property was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1971.  Today, The Mount is a cultural center and  historical house museum, welcoming close to 40,000 visitors each year.  The house is open daily from May through October for house and garden tours.  In the summer, The Mount hosts performances, music, lectures, and outdoor sculpture exhibits.

The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art is a museum devoted to the art of the picture book and especially the children's book. Eric Carle, the author and illustrator of more than 70 books, including the 1969 classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, founded the museum.  It was the first full-scale museum in the United States devoted to national and international picture book art.  The Museum’s stated goal is to foster connections between visual and verbal literacy and to provide visitors of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to explore their own creativity and the confidence to appreciate and enjoy art of every kind.

The Friends of the Lunenburg Library are eligible to request Museum Passes to many museums, zoos, and living environments throughout the State.  Join the Friends today and experience these cultural activities.

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The Lunenburg Public Library is proud to announce that we
will be hosting the Summer Food Service Program!

(link is external)June 26th through August 9th

FREE lunches will be available to ALL children 18 and younger
on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:00pm - 1:00pm
There is No enrollment and No cost!